Rapid Blue Corvette C8 with full front PPF ULTIMATE PLUS ™ PPF

Rapid Blue Corvette C8 with full front PPF ULTIMATE PLUS ™ PPF 2022 Corvette C8 The owner of this Rapid Blue Corvette C8 wanted to get the car ready for the spring. When the weather clears and the open road beckons, few vehicles can answer the call as well as a Corvette. So, before it hits the road, we applied a full front PPF package that included the car’s rockers and side blades.  We applied ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film to the Corvette C8. The car’s nose, headlights, hood, fenders, A-pillars, and side mirrors are covered with the full front PPF package. However, the owner opted to apply PPF to the car’s black side blades and rocker panels.All these areas of the Corvette are most at risk from paint damage caused by rocks, bugs, severe weather conditions, or road debris. This Corvette C8 is now better protected against the Boise winter as it waits for spring and summer to arrive. XPEL PPF will help protect the vehicle's front end against paint damage and unsightly swirl marks in the clear coat. ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film is transparent. Therefore, it is a seemingly unnoticeable barrier between your vehicle's paintwork and potential damage. In addition, its self-healing properties mean light damage to the film vanishes when exposed to direct sunlight. As a result, surface areas protected with PPF maintain a deep-gloss shine.PRIME XR Plus window tint is designed to protect interiors against 99 percent of harmful UV rays. Moreover, XPEL tint helps increase interior comfort by deflecting 98 percent of infrared heat. Besides giving a vehicle an enhanced look, the dark tint does not affect outward visibility inside the vehicle. Protect Your Corvette’s Paint with Long Lasting Peace of Mind with XPEL PPF Follow us on Facebook to see more XPEL content. Contact us today to get a free quote on any of our PPF, ceramic coating, and window film services.

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