Window Tinting

Window tinting isn’t just for looks anymore — it’s all about protection and comfort. Not only do our loyal customers love our XPEL Prime window films, we are tinting many vehicles for people who have never considered window tinting before, because with XPEL you window tinting doesn’t have to be dark to have high heat rejection and total UV protection.

So whether you prefer the classy look of tastefully darkened windows, or the no-tint look of our nearly clear tint, we can protect you and your passengers and the interior of your car from the harsh feel of the sun and from damaging UV rays. Or maybe you want something in-between. Whatever the look you want, here are some reasons to consider window tinting with us.

 UV Protection

All XPEL Prime window films block 99% of ultraviolet rays. UV light is responsible for many health issues, such as premature aging and skin cancer, as well as damage to your vehicle’s interior. Leather or cloth upholstery, dashboards, plastic and metal accents, and the rear window deck all discolor and deteriorate from prolonged exposure to UV light.

IR (Infrared)

Infrared (IR) is the part of the light spectrum you feel most. The more you cut IR, the less heat you feel. XPEL Prime IR films reject as much as 97% of infrared rays. Just think about how much more comfortable you would be if you could reduce the heat you feel through your windows by that much! Instead of running your A/C on high and feeling the cool air but still feeling the hot sun on the side of your face and arm, you’ll find yourself running your A/C on low!

Privacy and Glare

Window tinting can offer varying degrees of privacy and can be helpful, especially if you tend to leave your personal belongings in your vehicle. Certain shades of tint reject visible light from entering the interior, making it difficult to see what is inside your vehicle.

Shattered Glass Safety

Many side windows and rear windows shatter violently when they break. Because window tint is a laminate, it helps contain glass shards that can harm you or passengers.

Factory Tinted Windows Don’t Block Heat!

The factory-tinted windows in most SUVs and pickups do not block UV and do not reject heat! Factory-tinted windows are usually just colored glass, and although such glass offers some privacy, it does not offer protection from UV or heat.

Many XPEL-Boise clients with SUVs or Pickups have us install a very light tint over the factory-darkened glass, which blocks nearly all of the UV and cuts way down on how much heat passengers in the rear seats feel.


XPEL-Boise Window Film Lines

XPEL Boise installs the following XPEL Prime window films:

  • Prime HP
  • Prime XR
  • Prime XR Plus

XPEL Prime HP is a more traditional window film that offers moderate heat rejection, but that is a big step up from cheaply made entry-level films many shops offer.

XPEL Prime XR and Prime XR Plus

These two window films are the finest films available at any price, What makes XPEL Prime XR and XR Plus different from factory colored glass or traditional window films is that they effectively reduce heat and harmful UV rays without being too dark or opaque to affect your visibility. The patented nano-ceramic particle formulation is proven to block 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays and up to 97% of infrared radiation and heat, without using the metallic ingredients that can interfere with radio, cellular, and Bluetooth connectivity inside your vehicle. Click here for information about XPEL’s Prime window film


Choosing the right window tint for your vehicle is about so much more than shade so stop by any time and let us help you find the right window tinting for you. We know these films inside and out. In just a few short minutes we can help you decide which  film and shade works best for you. We have samples of each film on display, and we have an impressive hot box that demonstrates how dramatically our films cut down on heat form the sun.