Terms and Conditions

We have adopted and utilize a Quality Management System that adheres to the International Requirements of ISO 9001. In order to maintain our program and ensure quality of products and services provided by our vendors, the following terms and conditions apply:

  • We reserve the right to visit vendor’s facilities and audit/inspect the processes, products and services provided to ensure proper control and conformance. Such activity will be planned and approved by both parties and intentions will be noted on the PO as applicable.

  • Vendor agrees to stated payment terms and will accept returns based inaccurate deliveries, damage, or credit adjustments for re-graded or re-purposed products in regards to level of quality.

  • We review, select and approval all vendors based on internal procedures. Continued approval of a vendor is based on performance and overall customer service.

  • Special processes provided by a vendor must be accompanied by qualifications and certifications noted by the PO.

  • Vendor agrees to respond to Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCAR) in a timely manner, if submission is necessary based on poor performance or service.