ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film Keeps 2021 Genesis GV80 Looking Showroom Fresh

2021 Genesis GV80 Luxury SUVThe owner of this brand new 2021 Genesis GV80 wanted to preserve the luxury SUV's new-car shine. To do that the owner dropped off the GV80 at XPEL's installation center in Boise, LA. Certified installers wrapped the SUV's front-end in  XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film. This vehicle wears a full-front wrap that covers the hood, bumper, fenders, and side mirrors. ULTIMATE PLUS paint wrap protects surfaces against rock chips, scratches, and chemical pollutants like bird droppings and bug acids.  With the paint secured against wear & tear, the next step was protecting occupants from the blistering Louisiana heat. All the windows on this Genesis GV80 are treated with PRIME XR PLUS ™ . XPEL's automotive window tint is guaranteed to block 99% of harmful UVA rays. It also deflects 98% infrared heat. XPEL home and auto window film insures privacy without scarifying clarity.  ULTIMATE PLUS ™ PAINT PROTECTION FILMXPEL ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Self-Healing Paint Protection Film is an industry leader in premium paint protection wraps for cars, trucks, motorcycles and SUVs. Backed by warranty, designed for durability. XPEL ppf is the one-stop-shop for auto paint protection. ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection wrap prevents  rock chips, scratches, and road debris from ruining a vehicle's paint. It also leaves surfaces gleaming in a high-gloss shine. PRIME XR PLUS ™ Window TintWindow tint is essential for privacy, reducing infrared heat, cutting glare, and reducing exposure to harmful UV rays. XPEL offers PRIME XR PLUS™ in multiple styles, shades, and tints to guarantee privacy, protection, and clarity. FUSION PLUS™ Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Services FUSION PLUS ceramic coating offers hydrophobic properties designed to keep water, mud, and road grime away from paint, wheels, brake calibers, glass, and plastic trim.  One application can extend the life of ppf, enrich the depth of paint color, and leaves a premium gloss shine that will have people thinking it was a new paint job.  Have questions about paint protection film, window tint, or ceramic coating? Contact us today to get your installation quote or to schedule an appointment.

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