Automotive Window Tint Frequently Asked Questions

As the temperature begins to heat up, we anxiously anticipate freedom from our new normal of shelter in place or some version of self-quarantine. We want to get out, rekindle the love affair we have with our vehicles, and prepare for those daily commutes back to the office or much-needed, weekend road trips. With all that in mind, our customers have been asking more questions about the topic of window tint. From recent conversations, we have narrowed it down to five. Plus, added a few photos of recent tint installations – enjoy.


Do I Need Window Tint? 
There are many reasons our customers ultimately decide to install window tint: Reduced glare from the sun, enhancing visibility and reducing eye strain; Blocks solar heat radiation, keeping vehicles cool and improve fuel efficiency; or Protection from harmful UV rays, that can cause skin cancer and skin damage. Ultimately, it’s your decision.

What does VLT Mean? 
The percentage of light that a window tint film allows to pass through your car windows is called the VLT (Visible Light Transmission), and each state has different legal allowable limits. A Higher VLT means that more light can pass through the window tint film. Example: a 75% tint will allow 75% of the light to pass through whereas a 25% tint will only allow 25% of the light to pass through, making the 25% tint a much darker film.

This 2018 Nissan Armada looks like new, after receiving XPEL PRIME XR Black 35 window film, its protected with SPF 1,000 and blocking over 99% of harmful UV rays.


Are There Different Kinds of Window Tint? 
Yes. Film and film performance levels vary because of how the film is made. Films can be dyed, hybrid, nano-ceramic or – as IXPEL PRIME XR PLUS™ – made with a proprietary blend of metal and metal oxide nano particles. Depending on type, though, infrared heat rejection levels will vary from 45% to 98%. For more information check out our window tint page.

Will Window Tint Interfere with My Cell Phone Reception? 
That depends on the type of window film you choose. For ceramic films no, they will not interfere with radio, cellular, or Bluetooth signals.

This fun, little VW Beetle is ready for a road trip. Also covered in XPEL PRIME XR Black 35, the driver and the interior are protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Does XPEL Provide a Warranty? 
Yes. All XPEL PRIME™ automotive window film is backed by a transferable, lifetime warranty against peeling, cracking, bubbling or turning purple.

If you have any other window tint related questions, we are here to answer them. Just call, stop by our XPEL Boise location or contact us online. For more answers to frequently asked questions, read here.