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You have chosen the perfect vehicle, and you’re ready to take it out on the road. One thing is sure. You will get paint chips—no matter how carefully you drive. Road debris, UV exposure, bird droppings, bug splatter, road tar, tree sap and other environmental contaminants all wear away at your vehicle’s paint. It doesn’t take long for your vehicle to lose it’s like-new look.

Paint protection film places a virtually invisible layer of armor over your vehicle’s finish to protect against harsh environmental conditions and contaminants. And while paint protection film does indeed help preserve your vehicle’s value, the best thing about having a clear mask is that you don’t have to drive a vehicle with paint chips!

Introducing XPEL Boise Paint Protection Film

It’s clear, it’s thin, it’s super tough, and it won’t change the look of your vehicle. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid the disappointment of getting that first handful of paint chips? One of these days soon you’ll be walking up to your new vehicle in the parking lot, and there it will be—a fresh chip in your brand new paint. It could happen within the first month, or maybe the first week, or maybe even tomorrow. This doesn’t have to happen…

Have a clear mask installed on your vehicle and let go of stress about getting those first paint chips. When you hear sand and debris blasting the front of your new vehicle, you’ll be able to relax knowing your paint is protected. Click here for information about XPEL’s Ultimate Plus paint protection film.


Available in Gloss or Matte

XPEL paint protection film is available in a gloss finish (XPEL Ultimate Plus) or a matte finish (XPEL Stealth.)  Both films are crystal-clear and energy-absorbent polyurethane films that are computer cut from a database of precision templates specific to each year, make, and model  of vehicle. These films are then safely bonded to the vulnerable surfaces for up to ten years of protection. With professional installation, these films can be installed through dips and around complex angles and curves without wrinkles or ripples.

Although most paint protection films are made from the same kind of urethane, there are important differences in the adhesives and the top coat. Some films stand out prominently because of substandard gloss coat. Some films have too much visible texture. But XPEL film is designed to perfectly preserve your paint’s true color and shine. There is virtually no difference in the look of a panel protected with the XPEL film and a non-protected panel. When clients come to pick up their vehicles at XPEL Boise, we often have to show them where the paint protection film is!

XPEL Stealth offers the same protection as XPEL Ultimate Plus, but comes in a beautiful satin finish, for a unique style and exceptional protection in a matte finish. Original factory matte or satin finishes are difficult to maintain and repair and often susceptible to damage from something as simple as a tiny rock chip. Not only can XPEL Stealth prevent your factory matte paint from debris and environmental acids, enabling you to wash and dry your vehicle without affecting its satin finish, XPEL Stealth can actually be used on top of glass paint to give it a factory matte-finish look!

XPEL Ultimate Plus and XPEL Stealth can both can be safely removed if necessary, and are guaranteed not to crack, peel, discolor or blister, as some other protective films do. If it fails within the warranty period, we’ll replace it—labor included.


Installation Makes All the Difference

Excellent installation is paramount and as important in every way as having good film. If the film isn’t properly installed, you will hate your paint protection package. We often have clients come to us to correct or replace work done elsewhere. A poorly installed clear mask can collect dirt under the edges or have debris trapped underneath the film. Many shops take short cuts on coverage in order to simplify installation. Even though an installer might have the basic skill required to apply the film, there is a distinct difference between simply applying film and in providing a protection package that is well designed, aligned well with the body panels, wrapped at appropriate edges, and applied without wrinkles and stretch marks.

XPEL Boise paint protection film installation is something of an art. We have an excellent reputation and have told been by customers many times that our clear masks are the best they have seen anywhere in the country.

From new cars and trucks, to motorhomes and boats, to bicycles, motorcycles, and hot rods, XPEL Boise is the kind of shop you always hope to find. Call or stop by today so we can help you decide what paint-protection coverage works best for you. You can also get a free quote here.


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