2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Blocks the Heat with XPEL PRIME XR PLUS Ceramic Window Tint

white 2021 Toyota Tacoma xpel prime xr plus ceramic window tint

2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

The Toyota Tacoma has earned a reputation for reliability and versatility. This reputation has developed since the 1980s. For this new 2021 Tacoma TRD Pro, the owner wanted to protect its occupants. To find a solution to the Boise heat that seems to intensify every year. We treated the Tacoma TRD Pro with our PRIME XR PLUS ™ infrared blocking window tint. Our engineered premium window film deflects 98 percent of infrared heat. Plus, it offers protection against 99 percent of harmful UV rays. Now, this trusty mid-size truck can enjoy the summer hitting the trails while shielding its occupants from the sun.

For 2021, the Toyota Tacoma offers a four-cylinder or six-cylinder engine option. Most automotive experts say to opt for the V6 if you intend on using it for work and play. The V6 produces 278-horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque. Thus, offering enough grunt to carry you over rugged terrain or tow a weekend toy. Standard equipment on the Tacoma TRD spec includes an optional four-wheel-drive system. TRD spec an electronic locking rear differential as standard for off-roading. With 4×4, the Toyota Tacoma has a max towing rating of 6500 pounds.

PRIME XR PLUS ™ Toyota Tacoma Infrared Blocking Window Tint

The sun in Boise is anything but a joke. With temperatures famously reaching triple digits in the summer, one should always be aware of the potential dangers. Long-term exposure to UV rays is one of the leading causes of skin cancer. PRIME XR PLUS ™ window tint works to block 99 percent of UV rays and deflect 98 percent of infrared heat.

We offer PRIME XR PLUS ™ in various tint grades from nearly transparent to the popular ‘limo tint’ XR BLACK. Even at its darkest shade, XPEL window film will not disturb the clarity of people looking out. A benefit during nighttime driving. Tinted windows are almost a must-have in the summertime. Before applying any window film to your vehicle, contact us to estimate PRIME XR PLUS UV blocking window tint.


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