Is Every Clear Car Bra Created Equally?

clear car bra

Differences Among Films​

Although most clear car bra paint protection films are made from the same kind of urethane, there are important differences in the adhesives and topcoats. Some films stand out prominently because of substandard gloss coat. Some films have too much visible texture. But XPEL film has the most true-to-paint look of any film. There is virtually no difference in the look of a panel protected with the XPEL film and a non-protected panel. When clients come to pick up their vehicles at XPEL Boise, we often have to show them where the paint protection film is!

The 411 on STEALTH Paint Protection Film

XPEL Stealth offers the same protection as XPEL Ultimate Plus, but comes in a beautiful satin finish, for a unique style and exceptional protection in a matte finish. Original factory matte or satin finishes are difficult to maintain and repair and often susceptible to damage from something as simple as a tiny rock chip. Not only can XPEL Stealth prevent your factory matte paint from debris and environmental acids, enabling you to wash and dry your vehicle without affecting its satin finish, XPEL Stealth can actually be used on top of glass paint to give it a factory matte-finish look!

XPEL Ultimate Plus and XPEL Stealth can both can be safely removed if necessary, and are guaranteed not to crack, peel, discolor or blister, as some other protective films do. If it fails within the warranty period, we’ll replace it—labor included.

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