2015 Tesla Model S Gets UV Protection with XPEL PRIME XR PLUS Window Tint

2015 Tesla Model S full PRIME XR PLUS ceramic tint

2015 Tesla Model S

This six-year-old Tesla Model S is aging gracefully. It was brought to our Boise XPEL install center to have its glass tinted with PRIME XR PLUS ™ Ceramic Window Film. The XPEL tint protects interior passengers against 99 percent of harmful UV rays. In addition, it also protects against 98 percent of infrared heat. Great for passenger comfort and helps preserve car interiors against fading and sun damage. 


In 2015, the Tesla Model S P85D was the top-tier performance variant. It offers buyers a 691-hp battery-electric sedan capable of reaching 60 mph in 3.2-seconds. It does this with a dual-motor setup. One motor at the front axle drives the front wheels using 221-hp. At the same time, the electric motor at the back is used to drive the rear wheels using 470-hp. The Model S signature can deliver its performance immediately thanks to instant torque from these electric motors. As a result, the Tesla Model S P85D makes speed look easy, comfortable, and quiet.


PRIME XR PLUS ™ Tesla Ceramic Window Tint

With temperatures set to reach triple digits this summer, one should always be aware of the potential dangers. Long-term exposure to UV rays is one of the leading causes of skin cancer. PRIME XR PLUS ™ window tint works to block 99 percent of UV rays and deflect 98 percent of infrared heat.

We offer PRIME XR PLUS ™ in various tint grades from nearly transparent to the popular ‘limo tint’ XR BLACK. Even at its darkest shade, XPEL window film will not disturb the clarity of people looking out. A benefit during nighttime driving. Tinted windows are almost a must-have in the summertime. Before applying any window film to your vehicle, contact us for a quote on PRIME XR PLUS Tesla ceramic window tint.



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