Ceramic Coating vs Paint Protection Film

Ceramic Coating vs Paint Protection Film We often hear people reference ceramic coating as having the same purpose and benefits as paint protection film. Although the two have similarities, they are not the same, and the purpose for each is different. When it comes to choosing one or the other, or even both for your vehicle it is important to understand the purpose and benefits of each product so the results are on par with what you want from the service.  What is the difference between Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film? Purchasing a new (or even used, but new for you), vehicle is something that many of us do. Making such an investment is no small affair, so it is only natural that you would want to protect it and maintain its value over an extended period of time. Both paint protection film and ceramic coating help you protect your vehicles paint from being damaged and collecting swirls on the paints surface and other scratches. Both will also help protect against, corrosion and fading. Let's take a look at XPEL's Paint Protection Film and FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating 1st Up is Paint Protection Film Paint Protection Film is just what it says it is, it is a film. At XPEL, we use something called DAP, which stands for Design Access Program. Developed in-house, DAP is the world's most comprehensive pattern repository to accurately size and cut the film that we then install onto your vehicle. We use a special adhesive to then apply and bond the film to your vehicle's paint. But don't worry, it is strong and guaranteed to never bubble, peel or crack, but neither our film or the adhesive is harmful to your original paint or finish.  Once applied, all XPEL Paint Protection Films are self-healing, meaning that scratches, and swirls that would normally be looked upon with irritation and frustration will simply disappear with the heat of the sun, a heat gun if you are inclined to use one, and even hot water. Both ULTIMATE PLUS and STEALTH Protective Films are impact resistant, and as long as a scratch does not go completely through the film, the film will heals and look as good as new so you can maintain a pristine appearance to your vehicles paint. XPEL Films are non-yellowing, and are guaranteed to not peel, bubble or crack, and unlike other clear car bra films on the market, our films maintain exceptional clarity, and are virtually undetectable due to our detailed processes before, during and after installation. Now let's talk about Ceramic Coating Ceramic Coating is not self-healing but does improved scratch resistance, and because it was formulated to work with your paint protection film, you can have the best of both worlds when they are combined. XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating is an ultra glossy protectant against swirls, scratches, fading, and corrosion from exposure to pollutants. The nanoparticle ceramic coating forms a bond with your vehicle's paint surface, filling in any microscopic pores that may be present on the car. The coating is applied as a liquid and transforms into a hard 'sacrificial' layer of protection that will not wash away when it rains or when you go through a car wash. Unlike wax, which must me applied over and over again to maintain a glossy shine, one application of ceramic coating can last up to 4 years or longer depending on how you care for it. FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating is a hydrophobic which means that water will quickly bead and roll off the vehicle without leaving water spots. The slick surface makes it hard for dirt, pollen and other contaminants to stick to your vehicle, keeping your car clean for longer, so you don't have to visit the car wash as often, and when you do go- the task of washing your vehicle is simple and pain free. To learn more about the benefits of ceramic coating or paint protection film, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to share our knowledge with you to help you make the best decision when picking the right products for your vehicle. Check out our previous blog where we take a deeper dive into how paint protection works. CALL XPEL BOISE Visit Us 2222 S Cole Rd #108, Boise, ID (208) 319-0863 (315) 435 77 33

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Idaho’s Auto Window Tint Laws

IDAHO'S WINDOW TINT LAWS Laws are in place to ensure that we remain safe. As most realize, there are laws around automotive window tint that must be followed, and these laws may differ from state to state. Because auto window tint laws vary, depending on where you reside, it can be confusing to know if you are in compliance.The team at XPEL Boise is always here to help you decide on the best window tint for you and your vehicle, but today we want to make sure that you know what Idaho's Auto Window Tint Laws (Idaho Legislature Title 49 Motor Vehicles Chapter 9 Vehicle Equipment) you need to know so you can avoid spending money on auto tint that will end up costing you over and over again.  There are 4 sometimes 5 areas of your vehicle where you may want to have tint installed on. Windshield Tint Front Side Windows Tint Back Side Windows Tint Rear Window Tint and possibly Sunroof/Moonroof Tint Windshield tinting has come a long way over the years. Usually when we think of windshield tinting we are thinking about the “eyebrow”, which is the top 6 inches of your windshield. The restrictions on this area of your windshield is that you can only have non-reflective tint installed. XPEL can apply a clear tint to your entire windshield that reflects 99% of UV Rays, helps reduce heat and most importantly to drivers, reduces sun glare so you are not trying to focus on the road ahead through squinted eyes. Front Side Windows and Rear Car Windows have the same rules and regulations in Idaho. Front Side Windows are probably the most important for car owners. Not only does having your front side windows tinted help keep your car cooler, it also keeps people from easily being able to see what you have inside your car, such as a premium stereo system, or maybe your work laptop on the front seat that you forgot to take into the house with you. Idaho Window Tint Laws state that only non reflective auto window tint can be applied and you must allow more than 35% of light to filter in through your windows, with a tolerance limit of plus/ minus 3% may be applied to the front side vents, front side windows to the immediate right and left of the driver, and the rear window.Car As far as the Rear Side Windows are concerned, you may only have Non-reflective car window tinting film that allows for 20% of light be transmitted through the windows, with a tolerance limit of plus or minus 3% and a luminous reflectance of no more than 35% with the allowed tolerance of plus or minus 3%. Still wondering what all these rules and talk about light transmittal means and how to stay compliant with Idaho Window Tint Laws? Not a problem.If you still have questions and need more answers, visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page or give us a call. We are more than happy to share our knowledge with you. CONTACT XPEL BOISE

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How Paint Protection Film Works

HOW PAINT PROTECTION FILM ACTUALLY WORKS When someone says self-healing, it sounds like they are talking about an alien substance that was discovered in a hidden cave in the middle of the deep blue abyss. We hate to take the mystery and wonder out of self-healing, but it's no alien matter. (or is it?)What is self-healing paint protection film? Well, it is exactly that. It is a film that when applied over the surface of your vehicle’s exterior, provides a barrier between the car’s paint and the world. The self-healing feature is somewhat of a magic trick and is one that will leave spectators in awe. Let’s face it, there is no way to completely avoid scratching your car's paint. Doing something as innocent as washing your car creates swirls that over time diminish the brilliant appearance of your vehicle. Over the years, dust, pollen, bird droppings and even hard water will cause the paint to lose its shine and keep you from looking upon it with the same pride and admiration that you were once giddy over. But it doesn’t have to be this way! XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film is the “Fountain of Youth” for the exterior of your car. It’s like sporting a toupee and everyone thinking it is your real hair! ;-) Once applied the film is virtually invisible and unless someone gets right up on it and knows what to look for, they won’t be able to tell that the film is there. WATCH THIS VIDEO AND SEE THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE SELF HEALING CLEAR BRA https://youtu.be/ND4vE9vmQWE Now that we know the science behind paint protection film and what makes it do what it does.(remember the layers? the Polyester Release Liner, then the Acrylic Adhesive, which is under the layer that gives the film impact resistance called Polyurethane and finally the harder clear coat layer that keeps the yuck out so there is never any discoloration or contaminants seeping into the protection film). We also learned that our eyes fool us, and the scratches that happen on the film aren't really scratches but a rearrangement of the surface, and the surface wants to go back to where it was before you scratched it! (mind blown). No matter how this trickery happens, the truth remains that Paint Protection Film is awesome and is a worthwhile way to protect your investment.  3 Reason's to Feel Good About Your Decision To Put Clear Car Bra on Your Vehicle CHEAPER THAN PAYING FOR A NEW PAINT JOB Investing in XPEL Clear Bra now will definitely save you headache and money down the road. The cost of a paint job will cost you anywhere from $1,000 and $20,000. But let's get real most people won’t be going for the cheapest or the most expensive paint job. What we are saying is repainting your vehicle with quality car paint that provides good results will cost between $2,500 and $5,000. Unfortunately, when you get back on the road, you still won't be protected. That’s why XPEL Clear Bra Protection is such a wise investment. You get protection and don’t have to worry about expensive paint jobs or shady paint shops. A TRANSFORMATION FOR YOUR CAR The beauty of self-healing paint protection is that it can literally give your car a brand new look. XPEL has two different types of protective films; ULTIMATE PLUS and STEALTH. ULTIMATE PLUS is the protection you want if you are drawn to a more glossy finish. STEALTH has the same self-healing features as ULTIMATE PLUS but has a satin finish. You can use STEALTH on your gloss paint and ULTIMATE on your matte paint to completely changing the appearance of your vehicle. It’s like having a new car, but without that new car payment. Awesome, right? INCREASE THE RESALE VALUE OF YOUR CAR Can you imagine selling your 10-year-old car that still has perfect paint like it was born yesterday? Even if you haven’t gotten the oil changed in the last 50,000 miles and the inside smells like yesterday's fish sticks, it sure will look pretty on the outside. (And you can't deny that beauty counts for something). If you still have questions and need more answers, visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page or give us a call. We are more than happy to share our knowledge with you. CONTACTXPEL BOISE

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The Benefits of PRIME Automotive Window Tint

The Benefit of PRIME Automotive Window Tint Having car window tint installed on your vehicles should be about more than looking good. It’s about protection and comfort. At XPEL Boise not only do our loyal customers return with each new car purchase for the love of our XPEL Prime window films, we are tinting many vehicles for people who have never considered window tinting before. But just like our self healing paint protection films, our window tint speaks for itself. With quality auto tint, your shade choice doesnt have to be dark to provide a benefit. Our line of premium Auto Window Tint showcases benefits that you shouldnt be living without. Although we are not going to go through the entire list of benefits that each of our window tints offers, we will showcase some of the benefits that can literally change and save your life.  Take a look below and see for yourself what your tint should be doing for you. The Benefits of Car Window Tint 99% UV Protection All XPEL Prime window films block 99% of ultraviolet rays. UV light is responsible for many health issues, such as premature aging and skin cancer, as well as damage to your vehicle’s interior. Leather or cloth upholstery, dashboards, plastic and metal accents, and the rear window deck all discolor and deteriorate from prolonged exposure to UV light. Infrared Rejection Infrared (IR) is the part of the light spectrum you feel most. The more you cut IR, the less heat you feel. XPEL Prime IR films reject as much as 97% of infrared rays. Just think about how much more comfortable you would be if you could reduce the heat you feel through your windows by that much! Instead of running your A/C on high and feeling the cool air but still feeling the hot sun on the side of your face and arm, you’ll find yourself running your A/C on low! Privacy and Glare Window tinting can offer varying degrees of privacy and can be helpful, especially if you tend to leave your personal belongings in your vehicle. Certain shades of tint reject visible light from entering the interior, making it difficult to see what is inside your vehicle. Did You Know? Did you know that factory tint will not block heat? Unfortunately it is true. Window tinting can offer varying degrees of privacy and can be helpful, especially if you tend to leave your personal belongings in your vehicle. Certain shades of tint reject visible light from entering the interior, making it difficult to see what is inside your vehicle. So whether you prefer the classy look of tastefully darkened windows, or the no-tint look of our nearly clear tint, we can protect you and your passengers and the interior of your car from the harsh feel of the sun and from damaging UV rays. Or maybe you want something in-between. Whatever the look you want, the team at XPEL Boise is here to help you get the tint you need.  Schedule A Call

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Is Every Clear Car Bra Created Equal

Is Every Clear Car Bra Created Equally? Differences Among Films? Although most clear car bra paint protection films are made from the same kind of urethane, there are important differences in the adhesives and topcoats. Some films stand out prominently because of substandard gloss coat. Some films have too much visible texture. But XPEL film has the most true-to-paint look of any film. There is virtually no difference in the look of a panel protected with the XPEL film and a non-protected panel. When clients come to pick up their vehicles at XPEL Boise, we often have to show them where the paint protection film is! The 411 on STEALTH Paint Protection Film XPEL Stealth offers the same protection as XPEL Ultimate Plus, but comes in a beautiful satin finish, for a unique style and exceptional protection in a matte finish. Original factory matte or satin finishes are difficult to maintain and repair and often susceptible to damage from something as simple as a tiny rock chip. Not only can XPEL Stealth prevent your factory matte paint from debris and environmental acids, enabling you to wash and dry your vehicle without affecting its satin finish, XPEL Stealth can actually be used on top of glass paint to give it a factory matte-finish look! XPEL Ultimate Plus and XPEL Stealth can both can be safely removed if necessary, and are guaranteed not to crack, peel, discolor or blister, as some other protective films do. If it fails within the warranty period, we’ll replace it—labor included. Do you have questions? We can help! Please do not hesitate to give us a call or stop by our shop. We can spend as much time with you as you like. Schedule A Call

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What paint protection will actually do for you and your vehicle. You have chosen the perfect vehicle, and you’re ready to take it out on the road. One thing is sure. You will get paint chips—no matter how carefully you drive. Road debris, UV exposure, bird droppings, bug splatter, road tar, tree sap and other environmental contaminants all wear away at your vehicle’s paint. It doesn’t take long for your vehicle to lose it’s like-new look. Paint protection film places a virtually invisible layer of armor over your vehicle’s finish to protect against harsh environmental conditions and contaminants. And while paint protection film does indeed help preserve your vehicle’s value, the best thing about having a clear mask is that you don’t have to drive a vehicle with paint chips!  Things to Know Good film is all-important, but installation makes all the difference You can cover as much or as little of your vehicle as you want Paint protection film will not change the way that your vehicle looks Clear bra paint protection is for any vehicle, if you hate paint chips, you will love paint protection film. When you care about your vehicle and want to maintain it's visual appeal and resale value than protecting your paint should be a priority investment. The team at XPEL Boise is here to help you. Many people have lots of questions. Please do not hesitate to give us a call or stop by our shop. We can spend as much time with you as you like. Schedule A Call

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